Greg Molkentin is a freelance photographer who has had images published for educational, non-profit and commercial uses; along with giving presentations whilst on expedition to Antarctica. He has a double degree in biology and philosophy and a Masters in Education. Fueled by his keen fascination with nature he has traveled to, documented and explored over 30 different countries and both polar regions.

While living overseas for over 8 years in Japan he had the opportunity to capture the essence of each country that he visited. He delights in discovering the peculiar wildlife, people and landscapes particular to every place he ventures to. Over the past 5 years he has begun to concentrate his passions on birds, lured in by the tremendous challenges of photographing them.

His recent endeavors range from documenting and continuing to build his database of all 13 crane species in the world, capturing traditional Japan such as Maiko-san and festivals and also Blue Angel Air-shows.

He presently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where he teaches to support his meditation practice and to explore his photography. He is a versatile and professional photographer with an extremely sharp eye for detail, color, composition and quality works.

He is enthusiastic about working freelance assignments into his schedule and /or going on requested assignments should you contact him.