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Antarctica Slideshow

Neko Harbour

Ushuaia, Argentina

black-browed albatross

Giant Petrel


Kelp Gulls

Blue-eyed Cormorants

Blue-eyed Cormorant

Chinstrap penguin 1

Chinstrap penguin 2

Chinstrap penguin 3

Chinstrap penguin 4

Chinstrap penguins 1

Chinstrap penguins 2

Elephant Seal 1

Elephant Seal 2

Elephant Seal 3

Fur Seal 1

Fur Seal 2

Fur Seal 3

Leopard Seal 1

Elephant Seal 4

Weddell Seal

Gentoo Penguin 1

Gentoo Penguin 2

Gentoo Penguin Feeding


Gentoo Penguins

Gentoo Penguin 3

Gentoo Penguin 4

Antarctica Hairgrass

Gerlache Strait

Lemaire Channel 1

Neumayer Channel

Lamaire Channel 2

Gerlache Strait


Neumayer Channel 2

Neko Harbour 1

Iceberg 1

Iceberg 2

Enterprise Islands Water boats

Port Lockroy

Humpback Whale

Humpback fin

Humpbacks feeding

Humpback feeding

Humpback feeding baleen

Humpback feeding Iceberg


Lamaire Channel Zodiac

Aitcho Island Sunset

Kelp Gull Ushuaia

SVCD 60 pics