Purchasing for publications
  If you are interested in purchasing any photos for any type of publication please email me and we can discuss the details.
  Archival Ultrachrome Digital Prints

All digital prints from this gallery are using top grade Matte and Glossy paper and produced by using Ultrachrome inks for maximum permanence. Ultrachrome is the new generation pigment-based ink able to produce photographic prints of wide color gamut and great fade-resistance. In fact, Ultrachrome prints are more permanent than conventional color photographic prints. In tests conducted by Wihelm Imaging Research, an independent company conducting research on the stability and preservation of photographs and motion pictures, this combination has been shown to produce very long lasting and fade-resistant prints.

Compared to traditional darkroom prints, digital prints offer higher image quality because there is far more control of the tonal adjustments at the artist's disposal. Dust spots and defects can also be completely removed. For each image, I make painstakingly detailed tonal adjustments and defects removal. I do not use any "automatic" adjustment function from the software.

All prints are made from the original 16bit-per-channel 8-time-sampling scans using Nikons ColscanV ED; The file size of the scan is over 170MB, or over 28 mega-pixels in digital terms. With this resolution and color depth, every detail from the original film is accurately transferred into digital form. Or the prints are made from digital files taken with the canon 40D or 20D.

Different types of paper are used for color prints to obtain optimal result.
 Print Type   Paper   Thickness 
 Color Prints  Premium luster Photo Paper, an award-winning photolab and exhibition quality resin-coated paper from Epson .  0.265 mm 


  Photographs are printed at the time of the order. The Print used is the new Epson Stylus Photo R2400. There news printer which has raised the pole (yet again) in performance and quality.
  All prints are unmatted and unframed . Prints are available in the following sizes and prices:
 Size   Price (US$)*   Color   B&W 
 Letter   210 x 297mm   8" x 11"   $35    
Super B3   329 x 483mm   13" x 19"   $45 
* Price does not include shipping charges.
  All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
The final print might look little different than the image you see on the screen. It is very natural and is due to the fact that printer and display screen operate in different color model and have different color gamut. It is further complicated by the dependency on how well the device is color calibrated and profiled.
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Note:   The 'Add to Cart' icon will not show if the image print is not available for sale.

Letter prints will be packed in a sturdy package to make sure it will not be bent. For prints of 13x19 size or larger, hard paper tube will be used for packing.

Shipping will be USPS unless other wise specified. For other international destinations, delivery will usually take 3 to 10 days.

  Order Processing

All online orders are placed through paypal, the gallery's authorized online retailer, that provides secure online shopping with all major credit cards. Your secure transaction is guaranteed by paypal.

  Refund & Return Policy

Product return can be initiated within 30 days from the date of delivery. Return and refund processing will be handled by paypal.